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JUNE 6-8, 2019

University of Corsica, Corte (FR)
Campus Mariani, Bâtiment de Droit, Economie et Gestion (map)
IBEO 2019


Bianca Biagi
University of Sassari (IT)

• Claudio Detotto
University of Corsica (FR)

• Sauveur Giannoni
University of Corsica (FR)

• Dominique Prunetti
University of Corsica (FR)

 Valerio Sterzi
GREThA, University of Bordeaux (FR)

• Marco Vannini
University of Sassari (IT)


Ron Boschma, Utrecht University
Michael J. Meurer
, Boston University

The scope of the event is to give participants the opportunity to present their work in progress to an audience of interested peers and get valuable feedback for improving their ongoing research. Both the format and the location of the workshop have been chosen to provide an ideal setting for promoting knowledge sharing and social interactions conducive to collaborative research networks.

This year the event will propose two sessions according to the following schedule:

– Economics of dispute resolution (6th-7th June)
This session will bring together researchers working in the broad field of litigations and disputes about patents, copyrights, business contracts and so on, from an empirical legal studies perspective. The purpose of the session is to provide a platform for cutting-edge research that would enrich, refine, and challenge our understanding of justice, courts’ functioning and litigation process.

Claudio Detotto – University of Corsica
Valerio Sterzi – University of Bordeaux
Marco Vannini – University of Sassari
Keynote speaker
Michael J. Meurer (Boston University)

– Urban and regional economics and policy (7th-8th June)
The goal of this session is to explore the complexities of urban regional and regional economics. Papers covering different topics on urban and regional economics from a theoretical, empirical and/or policy-oriented perspectives are welcome. The workshop is open to contributions on social, cultural, economic, environmental and sustainability including topics such as quality of life, happiness and life satisfaction.
The organisers invite academic researchers, scholars and policy makers to contribute to scientific, technical and/or managerial papers that explore this topic in both developing and developed economies, islands, cities, metropolitan areas, towns and villages. Both theoretical and empirical papers are welcomed.
Bianca Biagi – University of Sassari
• Claudio Detotto – University of Corsica
• Sauveur Giannoni – University of Corsica
• Dominique Prunetti – University of Corsica
Keynote speaker
• Ron Boschma (Utrecht University)

Deadline for submissions : 30 March 2019.